Our Mission.

It’s rapidly transforming world. New possibilities, new complexities. Where’s culture shifting? How’s behaviour changing? What do people really want?

Handmade is a radically collaborative team offering untraditional market research. We decode the changing human world, unlock growth and innovation, together.

big picture thinking, razor sharp insight, tons of enthusiasm.
Aldo Braccio, Molson

The handmade difference

Richer human insights

Creative and ethnographic methods engage research participants as experts in their own lives. Expect deeper, more authentic insights.

Spanking fresh perspectives

We hand-pick insights experts, diverse thinkers and inventive approaches. All tailored to triangulate your unique challenge.

Get further, faster, together

Handmade is hands-on. Our team moves in-sync with yours. Involving workshops unite stakeholders around the unseen opportunities.

challenging paradigms + uncovering powerful insights
P. Fletcher, Aviva

Our Services.

We find insights in the places that basic surveys and focus groups just can’t reach. Uncover people’s real motivations and barriers.
Take action, set brand strategy, shape an amazing customer experience.

Visual ethnography

Deeper, truer insights emerge when we invite people to share and reflect on their experience in rich visual detail.

Pop-Up Insights communities

Digital communities reach the insights that focus groups never can. Smartphones open up a world of possibility. Fast to deploy, affordable across geographies, engaging and easy.

Creative qualitative

We’re often unconscious of why we act the way we do. Simply asking people is pointless. We tap proven cognitive behavioral techniques that reveal the hidden drivers.

Customer Journey mapping

See your world the way your customers do. Unite stakeholders to spot the gaps and innovate together.

Brand + Customer Experience (cx) strategy

Create a provocative brand that resonates. Shape an experience that people love. Our clarity and know-how will set you up for success.

Innovation Workshops + sprints

Taking action on insights can be a challenge. Our well honed methods create team togetherness around what matters. Spark ideas and land action plans that achieve impact fast.

Great insights, easy to work with and supportive
R. Hungerford, Hootsuite

The Team

Adam Collins

Adam’s global insights and strategy career spans 20 years. He has run the gamut of creative companies from A-Z : Ammirati Puris Lintas, Cossette, Leo Burnett, McCann, Sapient, TAXI, and Zulu Alpha Kilo.

His passion is creative qualitative research. Career highlights include a coast-to-coast bar-crawl interviewing beer drinkers for Molson, recreating Santa’s grotto to research xmas shopping during the summertime and steeping himself in Hogwartian fan culture for JK Rowling’s Pottermore. He has studied applied digital ethnography with UCL.

Adam’s work has been recognized through numerous awards including a CASSIE effectiveness award for best insight and multiple Gold Cannes Lions.


Majid Khoury

Majid Khoury is a sought-after market researcher with 30 years experience.  His specialism is demystifying data, finding the powerful truths in the numbers.

An MBA from Concordia means clients benefit from sharp business acumen as well as market research brilliance. Majid and Adam are a quantitative-qualitative dream team.  Collaborations include studies for UBC.

Sauder School of Business, Chatters Hair Salons + Retail, Tourism Yukon, BC Ministry of International Trade, Road Safety at Work and Vancouver Aquarium.

Many minds

Insights Experts on-demand.

Many minds form a richer picture. Eclectic expert viewpoints around your challenge uncovers the unexpected. Enter, our on-demand insights collective.

We bring in a range of smart minds  at the right time to enrich the process and the thinking.  Our co-creation insights network is lean and scaleable.

Max perspective, minimum investment, all made easy, curated by us.

Experience is everything.

Handmade is new on the scene, over 20 years in the making.
Over that time, founder Adam Collins has served up fresh insights for



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